quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2020

Cd New Love - Eternos Namorados

 Cd New Love - Eternos Namorados

01 - Don´t Fight the Feeling ( Enchantment)

02- I Can´t Tell You (New Horizons)

03- I Belive We Can (The Human Body)

04- By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Dick Smith)

05- You Mean Evereything to Me (Curtis Mayfield)

06- Something That Turns You On (Bill Winters)

07- Caravan Of Love (Isley Jasper Isley)

08- Falling Leaves (Terry Wells)

09- Loves Train (Confunk Shun)

10- I Don´t Want Nobody Else (S.O.S Band)

11- Tell Me (Ivy)

12- Running In And Out Of My Life (Bar-Kays)

13- For The Love Of You ( The Isley Brothers)

14- A LOve Of Your Own (Average White Band)

15- I Came To LOve You (Booker T Jones)

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